Monika - VIP Personal Assistant


[the_ad id=”143″]30+ years of IT experience has given me a lot of material.  Some good and some not so good but I will not be picky.  I will try to reach back in the cobwebs as much as I have time for to pull up some of the old dusty gray matter bytes of my memory.

Why faceless and appendage missing characters you may ask?
Like IT this will be continuously evolving.  I was originally going to add faces, hands, etc. but then I didn’t.  I may.. I may not in the future but I kind of liked it the way they came across on my first attempts.
What is in a face anyway and if I add fingers it just means I have more chance of an inappropriate gesture if you ya’ know what I mean.

My thought is this.. If you do not like it, refrain from looking at it.
I am doing this as time permits, so unless you pay me to quit my IT job, please do not bother me with questions on new comics. 🙂

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Monika - VIP Personal Assistant
Monika- VIP Personal Assistant

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