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General messages from the staff at ADIIT. Or is it massages.. that is something entirely different.


Hey everyone we started using a new app called WERD as a validation routine for members. If it appears to work, I may end up allowing registrations again.
As always, you can shoot me an email at, use abitowhit and let me know why you would like to join and I will grant you a membership.
I will work on the privacy policy and rules tomorrow.

New Users..Welcome

CEO Penthouse
CEO Penthouse

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I would like to welcome all of the new users who have signed up.
If you would like to be able to comment, you must fill out some of the personal information so that I know you are a legit person.
I have yet to determine if I will allow comments, but if I do, I will only allow it from those who have provided some sort of additional information to insure it is an actual person.